The excitement and terror has sunk in.  My son starts Kindergarten on Monday morning.

Confession: We’re still on our summer schedule and woke up at 9 a.m. today.

I know.

I’ve got to get in gear and put an end to staying up late and waking up late.  I’ve already set my alarm for 7 a.m. for the last few days and have snoozed my way through the seven o’clock hour every morning.

Thankfully, I’ve already implemented some delicious and quickie morning eating habits.  So, that part won’t be so challenging even if Monday at 7 a.m. will be.  I hope.  I hope.

These are some of my favorite things to have for breakfast on particularly harried mornings.

10.  Have a Pitcher of Iced Coffee Waiting in the Fridge

This one is, of course, for Mom and Dad, not Junior.

I live in Phoenix and let’s face it, hot coffee hasn’t sounded good since April and it won’t sound good until late October.  I love that there’s an easier and much more refreshing way to caffeinate.  This method also saves so much time and money.  I’ve been searching out iced coffee blends and using the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for an overnight cold brewed perfect iced coffee.  Do look for coffee that’s an iced coffee blend, they really do make better iced coffee.  The coffee is usually a Latin American variety which tend to be more acidic and bright in flavor which works very well as an iced coffee.

I even made a little movie about the iced coffee I love so well. I’m working on some cooking videos for Crooked Sky Farms, so I thought I’d practice on this one here. What do you think?

iced coffee from Jennifer Woods on Vimeo.

9. Make-Ahead Tray of Baked Oatmeal

I found this recipe a few years ago and I forget every week to make it.  Not this year.  I’m doin’ it.  Make Lottie & Doof’s baked oatmeal.  Then each morning, scoop out a portion and microwave for a minute to heat up.

8. Homemade Loaded Granola Bars

I saw this recipe for chocolate chip granola bars on Pinterest last week and have made it twice since.  It’s easier than making Rice Krispie treats and you can add nuts, fruit, chocolate or whatever you have on hand and want to feed your children.  I’ve added slivered almonds to up the fiber and protein.

7. Oatmeal “Sugar Cookie” Smoothies

I found the Peas and Thank You blog this last December and have loved her sugar cookie smoothie, which is basically a cold loose oatmeal made into smoothie form.  It’s fabulous and I know you won’t be able to find the sugar cookie tea bags.  Instead use the Bigelow Vanilla Chai bags, they’re a good sub.  I also add a bit more oatmeal to make it more of a meal.  What’s great about this breakfast, is that you can eat it on the go (drink it in the car).  This is a pretty clean car choice, unless you kid likes to tip their cups upside down for fun.

6.  Egg in a Nest

This is a fab way to get greens into your breakfast food.  Basically you cook chopped greens or shredded summer squash or a bell pepper ring in a non stick pan with a bit of fat, make a well, crack an egg in the middle, season, cover and cook until done.  These are so fast and so good.  I wrote about eggs in a nest for Chow Bella.

5.  Leftover Grain Porridge

Okay, I know that porridge sounds like gruel and that just sounds very unappetizing.  However, if you add fresh fruit and chopped nuts, it’s pretty great.  Think cooked quinoa, brown rice or whole wheat berries.  This is definitely a step up from packaged cereal.  Just reheat a bowl of grain with a bit if your milk of choice and load it up with whatever nuts and fruit you have.  Shredded coconut would be nice too, right?

4.  Microwaved Miso Soup

Don’t you always feel so calm, centered & nourished after a bowl of miso soup?  It’s as easy as microwaving a cup of water, scooping and stirring in a spoonful of miso into a mug or travel bottle.  Snip in a few cuts of green onion and toss in a few cubes of tofu and you’re done.

3.  Loaded Yogurt Bowls

We buy plain unsweetened yogurt in big tubs and use it in place of sour cream or as a base for a loaded yogurt bowl.  What’s nice about this is that you can control the amount of added sugar in your kids’ yogurt.  I love the convenience of the yogurt tubes, too, but check out the ingredients sometime.  They’re not always that great.  We like to put slivered and sometimes almond meal, honey, brown sugar, dried or fresh fruit and even cereal.  This has the added benefit of extra protein and good gut bacteria.

2.  Bug Juice

That’s what we call our orange juice spiked with green powder.  I like that even if I can only manage to get the kids to eat cheese sandwiches all day, at least I’ve gotten some green into them in the morning.  We usually have the Trader Joe’s Super Green Drink Powder at home.  This is really a busy/lazy person’s freshly pressed greens juice or smoothie.  I love those too, but this is a nice next best.  I use an old jelly or mason jar to shake up the juice and powder.  Easy.

1. Quinoa Breakfast Cookies

I made these breakfast cookies for Chow Bella and they’re so good.  For some reason, I keep forgetting to make them.  No longer.  I have this list to remind me.  Make a batch over the weekend and don’t stress about not having something quick and easy should you accidentally sleep through your alarm.  Or even if you’re up early.  These are delicious with your iced coffee and a leisure read through today’s paper.